Modulation Domain Analyzer Software

Analyze dynamic signal variation of time or frequency with TimeView Modulation Domain Analyzer software for increased advanced statistical analysis including statistical distribution, FFT analysis & smoothing. TimeView is available in two different versions; TimeView 2 that can use any CNT-9x counter and the enhanced version TimeView 3 that requires models CNT-91 or CNT-91R as front-ends.

TimeView™ SW - Modulation Domain Analysis to 20 GHz ​

Now you can analyze practically any type of dynamic variation of time or frequency, including modulation, jitter, wander, sweep linearity, frequency agile communication, wireless LANs, Bluetooth frequency hopping, VCO frequency response and much more.

The TimeView™ modulation domain analysis software for Windows converts the CNT-90-family Timer/Counter/Analyzer to a high performance MDA (Modulation Domain Analyzer) with a frequency range up to 20 GHz. We offer high-resolution analysis at a fraction of the cost of other modulation domain analyzer solutions.

TimeView 2 is compatible with any counter (CNT-90, CNT-90XL, CNT-91 and CNT-91R). The enhanced TimeView 3 offer emulation of Agilent's discontinued model 53310A and an improved user interface. To make use of the extra functionality, TimeView 3 requires either CNT-91 or CNT-91R.


Zero Dead-Time Measurements

TimeView™ can also record and analyze slower variations (trends) in any time or frequency related parameter you can imagine incl. phase, duty cycle, pulse width, rise/fall time, RPM, etc. The CNT-90 family timer/counter/analyzers and TimeView™ performs true zero-dead-time measurements and enables e.g. period back-to-back and time Allan Deviation versus τ.

Statistical Functions

The statistical functions include distribution histogram presentation of the measured parameter, ideal for e.g. jitter analysis of various test objects like crystal oscillators, radar equipment, CD-players and much more.

The FFT-function reveals any modulation, whether intended or unwanted, e.g. modulation noise from power supplies. A smoothing function removes random measurement noise and reveals underlying trends.

TimeView™ can also display the signal's waveform, if the signal is repetitive. No extra oscilloscope is needed!






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