New CNT-104S

The Pendulum CNT-104S series is a revolutionary new concept for frequency and time-interval analysis. With parallel measurements, you can track frequency, phase or time simultaneously, on 4 input channels on the large graphic screen.


    • Four channel 400 MHz Frequency Analyzer – plus optional RF-channel to 24 GHz

    • Gap-free continuous timestamping measurements

    • 4 parallel independent counter/analyzers in one box
        • Ultra-high resolution:
          Time:  < 7 ps
          Freq.: 12-13 digits/s

    • Ultra-high sample speed:
      up to 20M meas./s to internal memory
      up to 170k meas./s to remote controller

    • Graphic touch screen display for settings and display of values, statistics (numeric and distribution graph), trend & modulation domain

    • Touch screen can be mouse controlled and/or controlled via webserver from anywhere in the world

    • Intelligent and easy-to-use

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  • Pendulum brand frequency counter/analyzers are since long well known as industry-leading time and frequency measurement instruments. Our products were pioneers in the market with the revolutionary graphical UI and extensive analysis functions. Now we take one step further and introduce the world’s first 4 channel combined frequency counter/analyzer and time interval analyzer, with outstanding performance in a compact bench-top format.  

  • New measurement functions are 4 parallel frequency, time, phase, and TIE measurements, that enables cost effective production (“4 counters in one box”), continuous phase tracking of 4 atomic clocks without the need for a switch, and multi-stop time interval for time-of-flight measurements in physics research

  • Integrated Rubidium atomic clock option
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