Pendulum has successfully offered Frequency Distribution Amplifiers since 2002. Our products have always focused on distributing a reference frequency via optical fibers, resulting in many customer benefits, compared to distribution via coax:

– Extended range, up to 2 km
– No ground current loops
– No noise pickup
– EMP-proof distribution to secured areas
– Small and lightweight cable fits every cable duct

One legacy model, the modular DA-35 rack system, could distribute up to 36 fiber links from a central source to multiple users. Since its discontinuation in 2013, Pendulum had no multi-point fiber distribution solution – until now!

The new FDA-301 model, available for deliveries in June 2019, can distribute up to 18 fiber links, or 12 coax cables, to remote users. It can distribute:

The 10 MHz sine inputs are standard, other inputs are optional.
All inputs are dual, in a master-slave configuration, with automatic change-over if the master fails, providing fail-safe input source redundancy.
FDA-301 has 3 output slots for various optional output modules. All coax and T.o.D. output modules have 4 connectors. All fiber output modules have 6 connectors.
There is also an option for external DC power, to provide power redundancy.

Our current DA-36, point-to-point Frequency Distribution Amplifier, will interface directly to FDA-301, and FDA-301 can be a drop-in replacement in current DA-35 or DA-36 networks.
What’s the difference between the current DA-36, and the new FDA-301?

 Model no.  FDA-301  DA-36 
Distribute sine frequency  yes  yes
Distribute pulses (1-pps, IRIG)  yes   –
Distribute Serial Time-of-Day  yes   –
Distribute E1/T1 clock/data  yes   –
Fiber/coax input 10MHz  yes/yes  yes/yes
Auto change-over 10MHz input     yes  yes
Coax outputs 10MHz*  4 / 8 / 12  4
Fiber outputs 10MHz*  6 / 12 / 18    1
DC power option  yes   –

*The number of outputs can be multiplied via cascading FDA-301 or DA-36

The lower cost DA-36 is an excellent electrical to optical converter and point-to-point distribution amplifier. The new FDA-301 will offer excellent point-to-multi-point distribution.

Download the data sheet here.