NEW Detectus EMC-Scanner series

11th of January 2021. Pendulum Instruments announces the global launch of a new Detectus EMC-Scanner series, the SCN-500 series.

This new series sets a new performance/price benchmark for EMC-scanners, by combining very high performance and low cost.

With the new EMC-Scanner series you can precisely measure electromagnetic noise emission from components, cables, PC-boards or complete products by exact positioning of a near-field probe over the set scanning area. The step size is down to 0.1 mm, and you can scan in 4D (3D xyz movement of the probe plus rotation of probe tip).

Available options include probe kits up to 10 GHz (3 or 6 GHz is standard), noise immunity test SW, and probe calibration kits for both x-y-position and field strength.

An optional laser distance meter keeps the probe tip at an exact position of the height of probe tip over the test and creates fully automatically a 3D-model of the test object, in a very user-friendly and easy way.

Contact Pendulum Instruments or one of our sales partners around the world to learn more about the new SCN-500 series.