We are pleased to announce that as from now, Pendulum is offering the PicoTime, Picosecond resolution unit.

What is PicoTime and what is it good for?

The purpose of PicoTime is to be able to measure short-term stability of stable frequency sources very accurately, when used as a front-end to CNT-91. And to improve resolution of frequency measurements on stable signals to 2E-13 in one second.

The PicoTime is a frequency down-converter box, optimized for down-converting 10 MHz frequencies, but can be programmed to down-convert any stable frequency between 1 MHz and 30 MHz.
The output of the unit is a down-converted 1 kHz signal that can be used with an external high-resolution time-stamping counter, like the CNT-91. By down-converting from 10 MHz to 1 kHz, you amplify the frequency error with 4 orders of magnitude.
The unit requires an external frequency reference that is more stable than the signal under test.

A typical test case is shown below:

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