• GPS-12R/12RG Portable GPS/ Glonass-controlled Frequency Standards
Frequency & Time Standards

GPS-12R/12RG Portable GPS/ Glonass-controlled Frequency Standards

Accuracy, High-Stability and Performance

The GPS-12R frequency standard offers traceable Cesium-like stability at a very attractive price. Synchronized to the GPS satellite system, the GPS-12R provides both short and long–term time and frequency stability, assuring precision and accuracy.

Long-term frequency stability is provided from the built-in Cesium-controlled standards in the GPS-satellite. Very high short-term stability comes from the built-in oven controlled crystal oscillator found in the GPS-88; or the built-in Rubidium atomic clock installed in GPS-89, as its local oscillator.

We offer the following models:

  • GPS-12R – GPS-controlled Rubidium frequency reference giving near-Cesium stability
  • GPS-12R/HS – high-end model including a high-stability Rubidium for optimum phase noise performance
  • GPS-12RG – Glonass/GPS-controlled High-stability Rubidium reference

Other Frequency & Time Standards


Standard configuration includes three front-panel outputs: two switchable 1.544 MHz (T1) or 2.048 MHz (E1) outputs; and one selectable 10 MHz pulse/1-pps time reference. Optional outputs include 1,5 and 10 MHz outputs for metrology purposes, E1/T1 clock and data outputs for telecom and 13 MHz output for radio base station test. An external 1-pps disciplining input is another option. The ultra-stable, built-in Rubidium atomic clock oscillator offers excellent frequency and time stability, whether in GPS-disciplined mode, or in hold-over mode. Configurable alarming provides easy to read urgent and not-urgent alarms for loss of GPS, loss of antenna connection, hardware failures, and more. User settings and display are selectable for six languages.


Unlike other blank-front-panel instruments that demand a remote PC interface to control and monitor the operation, the GPS-12x has an intuitive user-friendly front-panel operation. Menu selections are made on the large graphic LCD screen, and all relevant instrument status like time and position, satellite data etc can be displayed. To further enhance the ease-of-use, the menu is selectable in 7 different languages, including Russian, Chinese and Japanese.

An optional PC SW enables also remote control and monitoring of all GPS-12x menu functions.


As an in-house reference standard for calibration or as the master clock for test instruments, the GPS-12R provides a continuous stable and accurate frequency standard. The GPS-12R/HS with optional 1, 5, 10 MHz outputs is the ideal precision reference standard for use in; metrology, radar antenna array systems, public utilities, and the electronics industry. The optional battery provides increased efficiency of the GPS-12 family when transportation between work stations is required.

For precise time synchronization and editing of Digital Video Broadcasting/Digital Audio Broadcasting systems; broadcasters and post-production facilities look to the GPS-12R to deliver the ultra-stable master clock required to sync SMPTE time-code generators.


Where AC Mains voltage is not available, the internal battery operation provides oscillator stability during transportation or in field applications. This feature is ideal for telecommunications requirements such as SDH/PDH/SONET Analyzers, wireless base stations, or public utility field applications where lightweight portability with zero warm-up time and full stability is essential.

GPS-12RG Portable GLONASS/GPS Rubidium Frequency Standard

The Pendulum GPS-12RG Portable Reference clock is an ultra-stable GLONASS and GPS-disciplined Rubidium reference, targeted for both laboratory and telecommunications applications. The combined use of GPS and Glonass satellite constellation, ensures improved satellite visibility, especially important in urban areas where tall buildings may obstruct the sky view.

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