GSG Series GPS/GNSS Simulators

Our GPS/GNSS satellite simulators are easy to use, scenario-based instruments that combine a powerful, feature-rich platform with industry-leading value and affordability for any requirement for GPS testing.

Pendulum Instruments GSG series simulators generate the same RF signals that are broadcast by navigation satellites to test any device or system with a GPS receiver. Several different configurations are available but all are upgradeable to add capability as your needs for GPS testing grows.



GSG Series Simulator Benefits

  • Powerful and accurate
  • Lowest cost-of-ownership
  • Easy-to-configure
  • Easy-to-operate
  • Easy-to-connect
  • Lightweight and portable


  • All constellations available: GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS, IRNSS
  • 1-64 channels (used for satellites, interference, multipath); sync multiple units for more
  • Multi-frequency: L1, L2, L2C, L5, E1, E5, B1, B2; coming soon: E6, B3
  • Variable output: -65 to -160 dBm
  • High accuracy timing
  • See our application packages for specific test requirements, then tell us what else you need


Easy scenario-based testing

  • Test any condition with built-in or user-defined scenarios
  • Define trajectories:
    • via a Google Maps interface
    • in real-time from a data stream
    • from recorded data
    • and more
  • GSG StudioView Windows software makes creating, editing and managing scenarios simple
  • Test various impairments to the GPS signal including multi-path, interference, jamming, spoofing, atmospheric effects and more

Unprecedented convenience

  • Easy to set-up and operate
  • Compact and lightweight (~ 3 Kg / 6 lbs)
  • Standalone (front panel) operation or remote control via USB, Ethernet, GPIB
  • Just connect the RF cable to your receiver or set-up an over-the-air test with a radiating antenna in an RF shielded environment

Lowest cost-of-ownership

  • The standard for performance/price
  • Modular hardware/software platform protects your investment
  • Purchase only the features you need, upgrade when necessary; future GNSS signals fully supported


Key specifications

GSG-51 Single Channel GNSS Tester

The GSG-51 is a GNSS signal generator that emulates a single satellite signal. The main application is a simple but very fast manufacturing test, to assure that the assembly is correct, that the antenna is properly connected, and that the receiver can receive and identify a satellite signal.



GSG-5 Series Multi-channel Advanced GNSS Simulator

The GSG-5 series is a GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and QZSS constellation simulator that generates all commercial signals in the standard L1 band.



GSG-6 Multi-Channel, Multi-Frequency Advanced GNSS Simulator

The GSG-6 Series family offers multiple frequency band operation, multiple GNSS constellation simulation, and expansion to many more channels.



GSG StudioView Software

GSG StudioView™ offers an easy way to create, edit and back-up complex scenarios for a Pendulum Instruments GSG series multi-channel GPS/GNSS simulator.





GSG Series datasheet

GPS/GNSS Testing for Automotive Applications

GPS Record and Playback Option Datasheet

GSG Series Comparison Chart

GSG StudioView PC Software Datasheet

Real-time Scenario Generation Datasheet

RTK-DGNSS Virtual Reference Station Option Datasheet


Technical Notes and Briefs

What is a GPS Simulator?

Pendulum eCall Compliance Tool

A Guide for Testers of GPS Devices and Systems

Environmental Modeling with GPS/GNSS Simulators

Programming Interfaces for Automation and Remote Control for GSG Series Simulators

Sensor Simulation with GPS Testing

Simulate Now - Testing Without a Cold Reset

Vehicle Modeling with GPS Simulation Testing


GSG-5/6 Update Files and Documentation

The latest versions of GSG Firmware, Version 7.3.1, including update instructions and release notes and GSG StudioView, Version, including release notes.

Download GSG_UpdateV731.pdf

Download GSGfwV731.tgz

Download GSG Release NotesV731.pdf

Download GSG StudioView Release Notes v5232.pdf

Download GSG StudioView_v5.2.3.2.exe







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NEW product PicoTime as optional front-end to CNT-91 provide 1ps@1s ADEV noise floor and 100 femtoseconds frequency resolution (1s) on CNT-91. Read more here.

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