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GSG StudioView™ offers an easy way to create, edit and back-up complex scenarios for a Pendulum Instruments GSG series multi-channel GPS/GNSS simulator. GSG StudioView allows users to build and manage visual trajectories and supports the import and conversion of trajectory files from other software applications and devices such as Google Earth.

Even though the ability to manage scenarios without the need of an external computer is an advantage of GSG simulators, StudioView Windows® software offers the following benefits for the test engineer:

  • Simple creation, editing and organization of all scenario parameters including dynamic events
  • Create, edit and visualize trajectories with mapping tools
  • Convert trajectories from CSV, KML, KMZ and GPX files to the required NMEA format
  • Create scenario files (including events and trajectories) without the need to be connected to a simulator

Easy Trajectory Building and Dynamic Event Management

A key feature of GSG StudioView is the ability to create and modify the simulation of a moving receiver. Easily create visual trajectories with Google Maps. Or import trajectories from most other software applications and devices such as Google Earth. The software converts a list of waypoints from a CSV file, or waypoints, routes and tracks from a GPX file (GPS exchange format) into NMEA as required by the unit. Google KML and KMZ files can be opened, edited, and saved. Each waypoint can be specified. When converting a trajectory file to NMEA format, you specify altitude and speed at each waypoint or use a constant value for the trajectory. Trajectory waypoints can be interpolated at a set interval from 100 msec to 1 hour.

Download Ephemeris and Almanac Data

Based on the scenario start time and duration, GSG StudioView software identifies and pre-downloads the relevant RINEX files from official websites. Once the scenario is uploaded to the simulator, no further downloads are required.

Simple File Management and Control

When ready to upload (or download) the scenario files to any GSG unit, simply connect through the network, USB, or GPIB interfaces and use the built-in file manager. Drop and drag files, use predefined hotkeys for copy, delete or rename either on the PC side or the GPS simulator side. Or use the “uploader” to batch upload scenarios, or firmware files, to several units simultaneously. Also included is “console” function to send SCPI commands to a connected unit, and view the response. The software comes standard with multi-language support. English and Russian are currently supported. Contact us if other languages are desired.

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