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Hi-Voltage Arbitrary Pulse Generators

Up to 8-channel, Hi-voltage, Multi-Channel Arbitrary Pulse Generators for all applications where synchronized trains of pulses with variable width, polarity, and amplitude are required.


Pendulum Instruments multi-channel, high voltage, computer controlled Arbitrary Pulse Generators WFG600 series are exceptional instruments designed primarily for experiments on addressing liquid crystal devices and are the most suitable for all applications where synchronized trains of pulses with variable width and amplitude are required.

The Pendulum Instruments WFG600 series Arbitrary Pulse Generators deliver arbitrarily placed trigger-pulses and may themselves be triggered externally. They can operate in one continuous and two burst modes. The summing module produces a low- voltage superposition of two chosen waveforms. Due to the unique double memory concept the waveforms can be modified during operation. Each output channel contains a very fast high-voltage amplifier.

The Pendulum Instruments WFG600 series Arbitrary Pulse Generators are controlled by a PC-Windows® computer(NT, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 10) or a Macintosh® running OS9. A standard serial interface is used for communication. Waveforms are graphically edited on the screen. Two waveforms and their superposition are displayed simultaneously, others being accessible via pop-up menus. Functional relations between pulses in the waveforms and between time-steps can be programmed-in to avoid repeated manual adjustments. Waveforms may be joined in groups to allow synchronous amplitude adjustments. Waveform data can also be exchanged with a spreadsheet program.

The WFG600 Arbitrary Pulse Generators are delivered with software for Windows and Macintosh environments, and with VI library for LabVIEW®. The software can be freely downloaded for evaluation. All elements of the user interface are explained on the snapshot of Macintosh screen and Windows screen.

Our Hi-Voltage multi-channels Arbitrary Pulse Generators


Key specifications

Operating modes:  

  • Continuous
  • Continuous with frame counting
  • Burst one frame
  • Burst one frame with waveform inversion
  • Burst N frames
  • Burst N frames and roll waveforms
  • Script – programmable multiple burst with waveform rolling
  • Script – programmable multiple burst with reloading waveforms
  • Multiplexing an electrode matrix


  • External clock
  • External trigger
  • Run/Hold control
  • Forward/Reverse control


  • Two BNC contacts for the high-voltage output on each channel
  • Pulse-related control bit (TTL level) individually on each channel
  • Oscilloscope trigger pulse (TTL level, multiple trigger points possible)
  • “Generator running” signal (TTL level)
  • Low-voltage superposition of two chosen waveforms (for monitoring on an oscilloscope)

Computer control

  • serial (RS232)
  • 57600 baud, 8 bit, N, 1
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