We calibrate all our products upon delivery, and verify that the units are within their published specifications.

We use traceable calibrated instruments and sources in our factory.

And we supply a signed certificate stating that the instrument has been calibrated / adjusted to be within specifications.

If requested, we can provide a special calibration of the reference oscillator, with detailed measurement protocol, called option 90.

This option 90 can be ordered with the original purchase or at any time later. By letting us calibrate the reference oscillator of the instrument, whether a GNSS Simulator, a Frequency Counter/Analyzer or a Frequency & Time Standard, you will get a traceable calibration with comparison data year by year. The cost is the same as for the first delivery from us, but you will need to pay the freight additionally.

For GNSS Simulators, the option 90 also includes calibration of the RF power level.

We collaborate with the national Polish time & Frequency metrology labs, and can also provide an accredited calibration services, for those who require that.

Our calibration options are:

Option Models Type of reference oscillator Comment
Option 90/01 CNT-9x Standard crystal oscillator
Option 90/06 CNT-9x, 6688 OCXO oscillator
Option 90/07 CNT-91R, 6689 Rubidium oscillator
Option 90/54 GSG-5/6 OCXO oscillator Also calibration of RF output level
Option 90/00 All Ageing/week in hold-over Must be combined with one of the other calibration options

The GPS-controlled frequency standards GPS-12R/RG, GPS-88/89, normally do not require calibration with protocol, since the oscillator is automatically adjusted and a stand-alone calibration is void, as soon as you connect the GPS-antenna. However if you want to know a “snapshot” of your built-in reference, or use these instruments in hold-over, without any GPS-disciplining, you could order option 90/06 (GPS-88) or option 90/07 (GPS-89, GPS-12R/RG). These measurements will always be performed in hold-over mode.