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Experts in measurement, analysis, simulation and calibration of Time & Frequency

60+ Years of Experience and Expertise

The company roots dates back to the 1950’s, when Pendulum was the Swedish branch of Philips Test & Measurement division. Pendulum Instruments was a spin-off in 1998, and has grown substantially since then, via own development and acquisitions. Pendulum Instruments currently has offices in Poland, Sweden and USA, and we have sales representatives in approximately 100 countries in all continents plus service centers in several countries.

Markets Served

Today, our products fit the needs of metrology, aerospace and defense, telecom, oscillator manufacturing, RF and Microwave, electronic industries, contract manufacturing and automotive industries, in around 100 countries worldwide.

Quality and Recognition

Pendulum products have been awarded “Best-in-Test” honorable mention from T&M World magazine several times, and Pendulum Instruments was awarded “Electronic Company of the Year” in the “Elektronik i Norden” magazine. Our reputation has created strategic alliances with a.o. Fluke and other big global T&M companies.

Our Team

Pendulum Instruments’ achievements and reputation are founded on the people. Our brand stands for reliability and quality, and so does our staff. The quality of the team is best proven by the global success and status of Pendulum Instruments. Our team is characterized by knowledge, trust, communication and flexibility, and with our customers always in the focus. Please meet our sales and support team, who are ready to support you in all projects, whether small or large.

Marcin Sawicki

Marcin Sawicki

General Manager

Marcin is the General Manager of the company for the past 10 years. Graduated MBA and Mechanical Engineering studies. Passionate to work with people and new technologies.

Harald Kruger

Harald Kruger

Global Sales Director

Harald started with the company in 1998 and has a very deep experience
of the T&M business. Harald is Area Sales Manager for Asia, Pacific, Africa
and Russia.

Ewa Bartłomiejczyk

Ewa Bartłomiejczyk

Key Account Specialist

Ewa is supporting the sales team as Sales Assistant for all countries in the world.


Pendulum Instruments purchased Detectus AB, experts in pre-compliance EMC-scanners

Pendulum Instruments purchased FLC Electronics AB, experts in high-voltage linear amplifiers and arbitrary pulse pattern generators.

Pendulum Instruments launches its first own new developed products after spun off from Spectracom.

Original Pendulum products are bought back and transferred to Pendulum Poland. Pendulum Instruments expands and grows again globally.

Pendulum leaves the Orolia group, Spectracom is product owner, but all Pendulum products continue to be maintained, produced and serviced in Pendulum Poland.

Pendulum was merged with another Orolia company, Spectracom, to form one global time & frequency systems company operating under the Spectracom name.

Pendulum purchases product rights for GNSS simulators from Finnish Naviva (start of the GSG family).

Pendulum acquired all assets from UK Rapco (manufacturer of frequency standards and timing equipment).

Pendulum became part of the Orolia Group.

XL Microwave (a CA-based manufacturer of microwave frequency counters) was acquired and transformed into the US branch Pendulum Instruments, Inc.

Pendulum opened own office in China.

A Russian subsidiary was established.

Sales under own brand name. Start of global expansion.

Spin-off from Philips and new company name: Pendulum Instruments.

Sales under the Fluke brand name world-wide.

The roots of Pendulum is created as the Philips T&M competence center for Time & Frequency in Stockholm, Sweden.

Customer First

Every employee at Pendulum Instruments realize that we exist because of our customers’ trust in the company, so for us serving the customer is our main focus. We want to build partnership with our customers, no matter the size. We are very responsive to customer’s wishes, and our flexible organization can adapt quickly. If our standard products does not completely meet the needs, we can easily make customer specified modifications, something we have done several times through the years.

Our Values

The company’s daily functioning is determined by responsibility towards the environment (minimizing pollution and waste production). Organization of work and production is governed by “zero accident” policy and strict adherence to Health, Security and Environment standards. Key development principles emphasize equal importance of investment in both technical innovations and human capital.

We aim at offering our employees optimum working conditions and perspectives for development. We want to share with them values which Pendulum Instruments is founded on: cooperation, community and respect for the environment. We would like to make Pendulum Instruments a place where everyone feels free to fulfill their personal potential.

Markets We Serve



Our Frequency Analyzers, with modulation domain analysis
possibility, plus pulsed RF analysis of short radar pulses, have
found their way into many of the world’s leading military
electronics companies. The main test objects are radio-based
equipment in the RF and microwave segment, like
communication radios, missile guidance, radar, and navigation
equipment. The Modulation Domain analysis gives additional
information of the signal under test, compared to traditional
oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzers, like frequency agile
hopping, frequency switching, PLL control loops, short-term
stability of oscillators (ADEV), Radar chirp frequency profiling
and more.
We are a regular supplier of frequency counters for
maintenance and calibration use, to the defense forces around
the world, with approx. four thousand counters sold so far this



Our traceable Rubidium frequency standards are used in many
national time and frequency metrology labs around the world,
as well as in independent calibration labs, and company
internal calibration labs. They are low-cost traceable
substitutes for Cesium clocks, with near-Cesium stability
Our high-end Frequency Counter/Analyzers are also frequent
instruments for time and frequency calibration of reference
oscillators, and for high-resolution phase-comparison
between atomic clocks.



Most of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end
oscillators, from Japan via Asia/Pacific, Russia, Europe to USA,
are using the Pendulum Frequency counters in production test
systems for maximum test throughput, thanks to the very fast
measurement speed combined with high resolution.
In the R&D team, Frequency Counter/Analyzers together with
TimeViewTM , the Modulation Domain Analysis SW, are used to
analyze PLL and synthesizer behavior in the modulation
domain (frequency versus time), verify short term stability
(ADEV), warm-up stability, and wander (TIE, MTIE) of the



Many of the world leading telecom industries use our
products, especially manufacturers of wireless network
equipment for GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G. The traceable
Frequency standard GPS-89 is a typical in-house frequency
reference, normally distributed via optical fiber by our
Frequency Distribution Amplifiers to multiple test benches
and test systems. When the end products, for example radio
base stations, are tested, our Frequency Counter/Analyzers
perform various measurements, like time delay between
multiple MIMO antenna elements, frequency verification of
master oscillator, and more.
In the R&D groups our Modulation Domain Analysis is a
valuable tool to analyze the quality of the time
synchronization (jitter and wander).



Our GNSS Simulators are popular at many of the world’s
leading automotive industries, for testing embedded GNSS
receivers for navigation, safety (eCall, UN-R144) and more,
with built-in test scenarios according to standards.
The GNSS simulators are also used for drive test via
record-and-replay and are used in advanced multi-test
chambers with real-time scenario generation and sensor
simulation (inertial sensors), to simulate real time changes of
e.g. acceleration, ascending (climbing hills) and skidding.
Another use is for simulating the position of autonomous
vehicles (driverless), where the differential GNSS and RTK
options assist in achieving cm-accuracy in positioning.



The Pendulum products are popular affordable,
high-resolution and easy-to use tools in various electronic
industries around the world, for example many of the major
consumer electronics companies in Japan, world leading
contract manufacturers, electronic RF & Microwave
component manufacturers (for example radar sensors for
speed control), other global test & measurement companies,
medical electronics industries, and more. Frequency Counters
are used in production as a high-performance, yet affordable,
tool for verification of basic time and frequency parameters,
with ultimate measurement speed for high throughput.
Sometimes our Frequency standards supply the reference
frequency to the test system. In R&D, the Modulation Domain
Analysis adds new insight of the behavior of the design in the
modulation domain, which traditional oscilloscopes and
Spectrum Analyzers cannot give. And very many electronic
industries that embed GNSS receivers in their design use the
GNSS Simulators for test.

Our products