Easy-to-use EMC scanners for pre-compliance testing in the design phase, to remedy EMI problems quicker, and less costly, than in the final product.


The Swedish company Detectus is a world-leading supplier of EMC-Scanner products, since the 1990’s. As from July 2020, the Detectus company is an integral part of Pendulum Instruments.

The Pendulum/Detectus series of EMC-Scanners are powerful pre-compliance tools for measurement and analysis of Electro-Magnetic Interference (EMI). The Scanners feature repetitive high-resolution scanning of emission (and optionally also immunity) down to 25 μm steps. You can scan even inside an IC (option)

The frequency range is 3, 6 or 10 GHz with the Pendulum near-field probes kits but can be extended by using third parties’ probe kits. The system has no built-in limitation so if your spectrum analyzer and probes can handle it, you can measure from DC to daylight.

The powerful Detectus scanning SW (DSS) is an outstanding easy-to-use scanning SW for control of the scan process, visualization, and documentation of results. The driver library supports hundreds of Spectrum Analyzers, and we continuously add new models from leading manufacturers.

The scanners come in different sizes to accommodate test objects of various sizes. Scanning can be made in 2D, 3D, or even 4D (3D movement plus 0-360o rotation of the probe head).

The NEW SCN-500 EMC Scanner family will set the new industry standard for EMC-scanning

Detect your EMC hotspots early during development, while the cost for remedy still is low!


  • Detect EMC problems before the test lab does. Save time and money by avoiding re-visits.
  • Repetitive and consistent measurements enable easy comparative measurements between design alternatives.
  • Improve quality of design, by eliminating internal EMI hot spots.
  • Great visualization of emission and immunity hotspots, for any frequency, in the powerful and easy-to-use SW.
  • Scanning in multi-dimensions 2D, 3D or 4D (3D plus rotation of field probe tip), gives extra valuable info on EMI noise sources.
  • Scanning in step sizes down to 25 μm enables internal measurements in ICs.
  • Supporting 100+ different Spectrum Analyzer models. We create new drivers for Spectrum Analyzers on demand when new models are introduced

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Key specifications

SCN seriesHRE series
Number of individual models44
Max. DUT sizes (WxDxH) in mm270x<inf.>x100 270x<inf.>x100
280x180x85 280x180x85
660x370x130 660x370x130
Max scan area (WxDxH)200×100 (2D)
200x100x100 300x200x100
280x180x85 280x180x85
390x280x130 390x280x130
Minimum step size0,1 mm25 um
Scanning dimensions2D
3D + probe rotation
3D + probe rotation
3D + probe rotation
3D + probe rotation 3D
3D + probe rotation
3, 6 or 10 GHz Probe setyesyes
User friendly scanner control and visualization SWyesyes
SW Driver support for hundreds of Spectrum Analyzersyesyes
Laser control of probe tip distance to DUTyesno
IC measurement kitnooption
EMC Immunity testing SWoptionoption
Strip-line calibrationoptionoption
Calibrate to beaconoptionyes
One year free support and updatesyesyes

DETECTUS EMC-Scanner Software

All new Scanner customers get a one-year free software upgrade from the date of purchase after registering their instrument. It is possible to renew your upgrade program with paid 1, 2 or 3-year subscription plan depending on your need.


If you only need to perform pre-compliance measurements for a short period of time, you may want to rent our EMC Scanner system. This rental option is available for companies in some selected countries. Please contact your local distributor for more information. Find distributor


EMC-related training is normally done in collaboration with Pendulum/Detectus or Pendulum distributors around the world. A simplified tutorial can be seen in the following link demonstration tutorials.


Installation of the EMC scanner system is normally done in collaboration with Pendulum Instruments or Pendulum distributors around the world. A simplified installation procedure can be seen by following one of the links HRE-scanner Installation or SCN-scanner installation.

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