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Experts in measurement, analysis, simulation
and calibration of Time & Frequency


Global experts in measurement, analysis and calibration of time and frequency.

Pendulum Instruments is a global supplier of Test & Measurement solutions for measurement, analysis, simulation and calibration of time and frequency related parameters. The company has 60+ years of experience and has been awarded “Best-in-Test” honorable mention from T&M World magazine several times, and Pendulum Instruments was awarded “Electronic Company of the Year” in the “Elektronik i Norden” magazine. Pendulum Instruments currently has offices in Poland, Sweden and USA, and sales representatives in approximately 100 countries in all continents plus service centers in several countries.

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GNSS Simulators

Our GPS/GNSS satellite simulators are easy to use, scenario-based instruments that combine a powerful, feature-rich platform with industry-leading value and affordability for any requirement for GPS testing.

Frequency Counter/Analyzers

Pendulum brand Frequency Counter/Analyzers are well-known industry-leading instruments for time & frequency measurements and for Modulation Domain Analysis.

Frequency Distribution Amplifiers

Frequency Distribution Amplifier offers an economical solution to the problem of low-jitter transfer of reference frequency, and time synchronization, signals over longer distance.

Frequency & Time Standards

Very precise GPS-controlled Rubidium reference clocks for various applications offering unique traceability and portability.

Dual Channel High Voltage Linear Amplifiers

General-purpose Dual-Channel Hi-voltage broadband linear Amplifiers, from DC up to Megahertz range, to be used for test and measurement whenever a signal source is too weak for the application.


Easy-to-use EMC scanners for pre-compliance testing in the design phase, to remedy  potential EMC problems  quicker, and less costly, than in the final product.

Pendulum Instruments is a global company with very close relationship to sales partners in 100 countries/states, and service partners in several countries. We are near you wherever you are, whether you want to buy a new product, get technical support or repair or calibrate an existing product.

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