Frequency Counters/Analyzers

Pendulum brand Frequency Counter/Analyzers are well-known industry-leading instruments for time & frequency measurements and for Modulation Domain Analysis.


Pendulum brand frequency counters/analyzers are well-known as industry-leading time and frequency measurement instruments.

These products are characterized by ultra-high speed and resolution with advanced graphics, zero dead-time, Allan deviation measurement, modulation domain analysis and overall the highest-performance frequency measuring instruments. Various models offer portability with battery-option and range up to 60 GHz. Software can extend the capabilities of the measurement hardware. An example is the TimeView software package to offer comprehensive frequency analysis in the time-domain.


  • High-resolution measurements (values) and high-speed analysis (graphs) in the same unit
  • Modulation domain analysis gives unique insight in frequency dynamics (TimeView)
  • Save time in production test
  • A one-box solution for portable frequency calibration (CNT-91R)
  • Continuously stream and store frequency data for weeks without losing a single cycle (CNT-91)
  • Get all relevant radar parameters, incl. frequency profile in chirps (CNT-90XL)
  • Outstanding ease-of-use
  • Affordable


  • 250k measurements/sec
  • Time interval measurement resolution to 100 ps
  • Frequency range: 400 MHz standard; 3, 8, 15 and 20 GHz optional
  • Multi-parameter display and graphical presentation of results
  • USB and GPIB as standard
  • Mains-free operation in the field, via built-in battery option


  • Ultra-high resolution: 7 ps (Time), 12-13 digits/s (Frequency)
  • Ultra-high measurement speed: up to 20 Millions of Samples per second
  • Gap-free zero-dead-time Frequency and Period measurements
  • Phase comparison of up to 4 independent signals
  • Multistop Time Interval for e.g. time-of-flight measurements
  • Graphical touch screen with various data representations
  • Easy remote control from PC/Tablet


  • Highest performance counter
  • 50 ps single-shot time interval resolution
  • Built-in Rubidium frequency standard (model CNT-91R)
  • Zero dead-time
  • Continuous data streaming during, not after, measurements
  • Up to 20 GHz range, burst measurements down to 20 ns


  • Analysis of hopping frequencies to 20 GHz
  • VCO frequency settling
  • Frequency sweep
  • Pulsed radar to 20 GHz
  • Analysis of PLLs
  • Frequency locked loops
  • Digital modulation analysis (e.g. FSK)
  • FM analysis
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