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Frequency Distribution Amplifiers

Frequency Distribution Amplifier offers an economical solution to the problem of low-jitter transfer of reference frequency, and time synchronization, signals over longer distance.


The Pendulum Frequency Distribution Amplifiers, FDA-301 and DA-36, offer an economical solution to low-jitter and long-range distribution of Frequency Reference and/or Time Synchronization Signals.

The versatile and modular FDA-301 can distribute sine reference frequencies and time synchronization signals (1-pps and unmodulated IRIG) from a central source to up to 18 remote sites (point-to-multipoint). Additionally it can distribute serial Time-of-Day messages (NMEA or user defined code) and telecom sync signals (E1/T1 clock/data)

The small and low-cost DA-36 can distribute a sine reference frequency to 1 remote site (point-to-point), and is an excellent electrical to optical converter or optical to electrical converter.

The DA-36 will interface directly to FDA-301, and FDA-301 can be a drop-in replacement in current DA-36 (or legacy DA-35) networks. A distribution system can be designed with a mix of DA-36 and FDA-301, for example distribution to only one remote site (DA-36), with several local users (FDA-301).


Both models use coax cables for local distribution and optical fibers for remote distribution, giving the following benefits for fiber:

  • Distribution of reference frequencies up to 2 km
  • Galvanic isolation, eliminate ground current loop problems
  • Low-loss distribution
  • No crosstalk, no electromagnetic noise and interference pick-up
  • Easy to install – flexible, lightweight and small-diameter optical fiber

Key specifications

FDA-301 Frequency Distribution Amplifier

  • Distribute reference frequency (10 MHz default)
  • Distribute 1-pps, IRIG (DCLS) and serial T.o.D.
  • Distribute E1/T1 sync signals (clock/data)
  • Fiber and coax distribution
  • Modular outputs; up to 18 fiber / 12 coax
  • Input signal redundancy with auto-change-over

DA-36 Frequency Distribution Amplifier

  • Distribute reference frequency 10 MHz
  • Fiber and coax distribution
  • 1 fiber plus 4 coax outputs
  • Input signal redundancy with auto-change-over
  • Small, flexible, low-cost
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