Markets We Serve

Aerospace & Defense

Our Frequency Analyzers, with modulation domain analysis possibility, plus pulsed RF analysis of short radar pulses, have found their way into many of the world’s leading military electronics companies. The main test objects are radio-based equipment in the RF and microwave segment, like communication radios, missile guidance, radar, and navigation equipment. The Modulation Domain analysis gives additional information on the signal under test, compared to traditional oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzers, like frequency agile hopping, frequency switching, PLL control loops, short-term stability of oscillators (ADEV), Radar chirp frequency profiling and more.

We are a regular supplier of frequency counters for maintenance and calibration use, to the defense forces around the world, with approx. four thousand counters sold so far this millennium.


Metrology& calibration

Our traceable Rubidium frequency standards are used in many national time and frequency metrology labs around the world, as well as in independent calibration labs, and company internal calibration labs. They are low-cost traceable substitutes for Cesium clocks, with near-Cesium stability Our high-end Frequency Counter/Analyzers are also frequent instruments for time and frequency calibration of reference oscillators, and for high-resolution phase-comparison between atomic clocks.


Oscillator Manufacturers

Most of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-end oscillators, from Japan via Asia/Pacific, Russia, Europe to the USA, are using the Pendulum Frequency counters in production test systems for maximum test throughput, thanks to the very fast measurement speed combined with high resolution.

In the R&D team, Frequency Counter/Analyzers together with TimeView, the Modulation Domain Analysis SW, are used to analyze PLL and synthesizer behavior in the modulation domain (frequency versus time), verify short term stability (ADEV), warm-up stability, and wander (TIE, MTIE) of the oscillators.



 Many of the world-leading telecom industries use our products, especially manufacturers of wireless network equipment for GSM, 3G, 4G, LTE and 5G. The traceable Frequency standard GPS-89 is a typical in-house frequency reference, normally distributed via optical fiber by our Frequency Distribution Amplifiers to multiple test benches and test systems. When the end products, for example radio base stations, are tested, our Frequency Counter/Analyzers perform various measurements, like time delay between multiple MIMO antenna elements, frequency verification of master oscillator, and more.

In the R&D groups our Modulation Domain Analysis is a valuable tool to analyze the quality of the time synchronization (jitter and wander).


Science & Research

Our products are found in various research institutes and advanced universities all around the world. You will find them in Aerospace science labs, for example NASA, Jet Propulsion Laboratories, and ESA. In Advanced time and frequency labs like NIST, RISE, NICT. In Physical Research labs like John Hopkins APL, AIST, and in the majority of all major universities in Asia, Europe and North America. Our Frequency Counter/Analyzers are used for ultra-high speed, high resolution time / frequency measurements and analysis in various physical research, and our High-Voltage Linear amplifiers find their way to high-voltage science labs for material science research, whether national labs, universities, or company internal research labs, like Samsung.

Sometimes our Frequency standards supply the reference frequency to these labs, with frequency distribution to multiple research benches.


Electronic Industry

The Pendulum products are popular affordable, high-resolution and easy-to-use tools in various electronic industries around the world, for example many of the major consumer electronics companies, world-leading contract manufacturers, electronic RF & Microwave component manufacturers (for example radar sensors for speed control), other global test & measurement companies, medical electronics industries, automotive electronics industry, and more. Frequency Counters are used in production as a high-performance, yet affordable, tool for verification of basic time and frequency parameters, with ultimate measurement speed for high throughput. Sometimes our Frequency standards supply the reference frequency to the test system. In R&D, the Modulation Domain Analysis adds new insight into the behavior of the design in the modulation domain, which traditional oscilloscopes and Spectrum Analyzers cannot give.

Our EMC Scanners make affordable pre-compliance EMC measurements, improving the design, reducing time-to-market, and eliminating costly re-visits to the accredited EMC test lab.

For industries requiring high-voltage stimuli our High Voltage Linear amplifiers can boost low level signals to the level required for e.g. LCD, plasma, OLED, MEMS, and Piezo-electric testing.



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