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Frequency & Time Standards

Very precise GPS-controlled Rubidium reference clocks for various applications offering unique traceability and portability.


Pendulum brand frequency standards offer extreme accuracy for applications in telecommunications, calibration laboratories, automated test systems and design departments.

GPS-disciplined references offer traceable Cesium-like stability at an attractive price. Units are self-calibrating. A stand-alone high stability frequency standard is available where traceability to external reference is not required.


  • Get the accuracy and stability of a Cesium clock at a fraction of the cost
  • Traceable self-calibrating Frequency Standard. No need to send away for external calibration. Save time and money. (GPS-88/89)
  • Bring near-Cesium stability to the field with no warm-up time. No need for hours of waiting time. (GPS-12R/12RG plus internal battery)
  • Easy-to-use, and operate. No configuration via PC needed

Key specifications


  • GPS-disciplined Rubidium clock
  • Internal battery option for transportation and mains-free field use
  • 1-pps, 5 MHz, 3x 10 MHz, 2x 1.544/2.048 MHz standard outputs
  • Plus 4x optional outputs
  • User friendly front panel operation, selectable for eight languages
  • Use of both GLONASS and GPS gives better signal coverage (GPS-12RG)


  • GPS-disciplined Rubidium or OCXO clock
  • Traceable internal calibration system approved by Swedish National Testing and Research Institute
  • Remote monitoring via Ethernet interface
  • No doubt-about-accuracy via display of frequency offset
  • 1-pps, 5 MHz, 4x 10 MHz standard outputs
  • Plus 5x 10 MHz and programmable pulse output optional outputs


  • Stand-alone frequency reference standard
  • Rubidium (6689) or high stability ovenized crystal oscillator (6688)
  • Distribution amplifiers for 5×10 MHz and 1×5 MHz outputs as standard
  • Plus 5x 10 MHz optional outputs
  • 0.001 ppm aging in 10 years (Rubidium)
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