Pendulum Instruments introduces a budget 2-channel Frequency Counter/Analyzer


Pendulum Instruments, the global expert in time & frequency measurement, analysis, and calibration, announces today the release of the new CNT-102 Multi-channel Frequency Analyzer.

The CNT-102 is the second member of the recently introduced Multi-channel Frequency Analyzer family, offering the world’s first 2-channel UFC (Universal Frequency Counter), with parallel independent time and frequency measurements, in a bench-top format.

Similar to the pioneering, and earlier introduced, 4-channel Multi-channel Frequency Analyzer CNT-104S, the CNT-102 measures Frequency, Period, TIE (Time Interval Error), Pulse Width, Rise/Fall time, Slew Rate, Totalize and Voltage simultaneously and gap-free on 2 parallel independent inputs, just like a 2-channel oscilloscope. This new multi-channel concept enables for example parallel frequency measurements of 2 different test objects, or parallel comparison of pulse parameters between two test points without changing test leads. Measurements that are not possible in a traditional single-channel UFC.

CNT-102 offers very high performance with time resolution of 14ps, frequency resolution up to 13 digits/s, a measuring speed of up to 1 million measurements/s. The graphic user interface displays the results both numerically and graphically, with modulation /trend and value distribution graphs. Advanced graphic analysis enables smoothing of data and zooming in into the data with cursor read-outs of individual samples. Standard frequency range is up to 400 MHz and an optional RF input extends bandwidth up to 24 GHz. Prices start below 5k€. “We have successfully supplied tens of thousands of our CNT-90 series of counter/analyzers to demanding customers around the globe for 20 years now, and we have listened to an increased request for more parallel measurements. With the launch of CNT-104S in late 2022 we offered the world’s first 4-channel frequency counter/analyzer, that has been very well received during its first year on the market. With the new CNT-102 we now offer a 2-channel model at an affordable price point, giving our customers the choice between 2- and 4-channels to fit any price or performance requirement. The multi-channels, high resolution and speed should fulfill what our customers in high-end metrology, research and R&D have been looking for. The Multi-channel Frequency Analyzers will also be a perfect solution for test systems requiring multiple frequency counters, like oscillator manufacturing, at an affordable cost, since one single CNT-102 can replace 2 traditional counters in the test rack, a big space and cost saving”, says Harald Kruger, CEO of Pendulum Instruments.

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