Dual Channel High Voltage Linear Amplifier

Dual Channel High Voltage Linear Amplifier


The Pendulum Instruments High Voltage Linear Amplifier F20AD contains two independent F20A amplifiers that share common ground reference and power supply. This unit has a fixed amplification of 20 times and capable of bipolar high voltage output of ±150V. Any signal source with amplitude up to ±10 V can be used as an input device.

The input amplitude should normally be kept within ±7.5 V. This is most important since the input protection network will limit the signal amplitude and cause clipping. The F20A High Voltage Linear Amplifier is equipped with a microfuse rated at 15 mA, which will be blown if the input voltage exceeds 300% of the maximum.


Full and small-signal frequency responses without load (red and orange marks) and with 400 pF capacitive load (blue and green marks), respectively, are shown in the diagram below:

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