Single Channel High Voltage Linear Amplifier

Single Channel High Voltage Linear Amplifier


The Pendulum Instruments High Voltage Linear Amplifier F20A has a fixed amplification of 20 times and capable of bipolar high voltage output of ±150V. Any signal source with amplitude up to ±10 V can be used as an input device. The input amplitude should normally be kept within ±7.5 V. This is most important since the input protection network will limit the signal amplitude and cause clipping. The F20A High Voltage Linear Amplifier is equipped with a microfuse rated at 15 mA, which will be blown if the input voltage exceeds 300% of the maximum.

The maximum capacitive load is set at the factory to 400 V/µs which yields the load limit of 400 pF. The continuous output current limit is 185 mA and the output power limit is ca 30 W.


Full and small-signal frequency responses without load (red and orange marks) and with 400 pF capacitive load (blue and green marks), respectively, are shown in the diagram below:


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