High Stability Frequency Standards

6688/6689 Stand-alone Frequency References

Ideal Reference for Multiple Testers

These Pendulum frequency standards suit the highest demands for stability. All frequency standards offer multiple buffered outputs (5x or 10x outputs of 10 MHz sine). Choose from the low-cost 6688 based on a very-high-stability oven-controlled SC-cut crystal oscillator or the 6689 with a built-in Rubidium atomic clock. These standards are suited for use in automatic test systems, for example in the production department of telecommunications companies, especially when multiple instruments/testers need to be supplied with a stable frequency reference.

The very short warm-up time of only 10 minutes makes these units suitable also for field use.

  • Up to 11 other instruments can be supplied
  • Both 10 and 5 MHz always included
  • Portable ultra-stable Rubidium standard takes the stability to any desired location


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