CNT-91/91R CNT-91R/AF

Advanced Frequency & Time Interval Analyzer

CNT-91/91R Advanced Frequency & Time Interval Analyzer


The CNT-91 Frequency Timer/Counter/Analyzer, is the highest performance counter for measurement, analysis and calibration of frequency, time interval and phase. In production test systems, R&D, calibration lab, or in the field; the CNT-91 outperforms any counter on the market for speed, resolution, statistical analysis and processing capabilities.

Ultra high Speed and Resolution ​

The CNT-91 provides high 50 ps single shot time resolution or 12 digits/sec frequency resolution for capturing very small time and frequency changes. And, displays up to 14 digits on values obtained. The CNT-91 Timer/Counter/Analyzer also processes an exceptionally fast 250,000 measurements/sec to internal memory with a maximum of 3.5M measurements stored.

Graphic Display and Multi-mode Presentation

Pendulum frequency counters support a unique graphic presentation of results including histograms, trend lines, and modulation. On-screen statistical processing of random signal distribution and measurement changes vs. time, from slow drift, to fast jitter and modulation. Complete analysis including mean, min., max. p-p, standard deviation, and Allan deviation are viewable in both graphic and numeric formats.

With TimeView, Modulation Domain Analyzer software (optional), the CNT-91 statistical processing is more powerful and provides expanded analysis capabilities.

Microwave Frequency Range and Time Base

The CNT-91 features a frequency range of 0.001Hz to 400 MHz standard with options to 3, 8, 14 and 20 GHz. Two OCXO options are available: one with very high stability (0.01 ppm/month), and one with an ultra-high stability (0.003 ppm/month).


Zero Dead-Time Captures Individual Periods

Unlike standard gated frequency counters, the CNT-91 provides continuous time-stamping of events capturing all individual periods, back-to-back without dead-time, measuring every complete event cycle without event interpolation errors. This process allows for a least-squares linear regression of multiple measurements, adding 3 or more digits to the measurement resolution.

GPIB/USB Increased Throughput and Efficiency

USB and GPIB (IEEE 488.2) interfaces are standard with the CNT-91. The GPIB interface is SCPI/1999 compliant and includes an HP53131A emulation mode for easy inclusion in test systems designed for older model counters. This eliminates the need to re-program system commands when replacing older counters with the modern CNT-91.

With a fast bus transfer speed of 2,600 individual measurement results/sec via GPIB or USB, the CNT-91 saves test system time and money by increasing throughput, up to 90%.

CNT-91R Frequency Calibrator/Analyzer

The CNT-91R Frequency Calibrator/Analyzer is an all-inclusive high performance calibrator of frequency sources, that combines high resolution measurements and advanced analysis, and a built-in ultra-stable Rubidium atomic reference clock. Its compact format, and its short warm-up time, make the CNT-91R an ideal transportable frequency calibrator/analyzer.

CNT-91R/AF Frequency Reference/Calibrator/Analyzer

The Pendulum CNT-91R/AF Frequency Reference/Calibrator/Analyzer features a combination of a multi-output Rubidium Frequency Reference and a high resolution Frequency Counter/Analyzer, creating a dynamic measurement, analysis, and calibration system. Supply an ultra-stable reference frequency of 0.1, 1, 5, and/or 10 MHz to any test instrument, and calibrate any frequency source to 3 or 20 GHz. The CNT-91R/AF is a unique all-in-one frequency reference/ counter/analyzer/calibrator, with no competing product on the market.

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